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“Lisa's perceptive insights and energetic healing abilities are most profound. Because of her advanced clinical skills and intuitive teaching abilities, she was always able to assist the Medical Qigong students at the Academy for Five Element T.C.M. college in Florida towards deeper, more subtle understandings of rectifying diseased states. It is therefore without reservation that I highly promote Doctor Lisa Van Ostrand as both an excellent healer and instructor of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy.”

Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D., DTCM, DMQ (China)
Founder, The International Institute of Medical Qigong
Author of “Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text”

“Studying Medical Qi Gong with Lisa Vanostrand has brought my 23 years of practice into a new focus. Lisa's background in healing and her enthusiasm for teaching gives her a unique and profound approach to Chinese Medicine. Her classes are experiential and our learning occurs on many levels. My patients are responding to this energetic work and really enjoy the prescriptive exercises. I'm grateful.”

Maureen McManus, Dipl. Ac., NCCAOM

“As a practitioner of Taoist arts and sciences for over 35 years now, I have always looked for a clear systematized approach to Medical Qi Gong. An exquisite elegant system of healing based on the tenants and philosophy of Chinese Medicine, it is sure to inform any healer especially those already in Chinese medicine.

In addition studying with Lisa is a breath of fresh air. Being used to martial training it was delightful to be with someone who respected the pace of the learners/practitioners ever pulling them gently to the edge of their own limits and thus extending them rather than a demanding and pushing approach.

This course is based and blessed by the work of Jerry Alan, Ph.D. of the heaviest text book I have ever seen, Chinese Medical QiGong.

This course of study is a must for any one who is serious about the art and science of Chinese Medicine!”

Eric G. Schneider, D. Min., C.Ht.,C.I.
Clinical Counseling Instructor, Pacific School Of Oriental Medicine
New York New York

“I have been practicing Qigong for many years and always felt good after doing the excercises. Still, I wanted to go further and deeper into this ancient practice. I heard about Medical Qigong and have been taking some classes with Lisa Van Ostrand. Lisa is an excellent teacher. Her knowledge of Oriental medicine is superb and she knows how to share it with her students. Qigong has really made a difference as far as the increment in energy is concerned. The various healing modalities which I have learned in Medical Qigong are a great addition to the healing i learned at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. It has expanded the ways I can use energy with myself and with others.”

Martha Ginsberg, Graduate Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 2005

“I'm so grateful to have the chance to study medical qigong with you.

When I started studying with you in Oct 2007, I had just lost my mother, I was drained from the experience, and I could only see limitations of Western medicine where once I had seen a lot of beauty.

Through my study of medical qigong with you, the friends I made in class, and the experience of adding qigong to my practice, I began to heal and evolve personally and professionally. I could see the efficacy and limitations of both Western and Eastern medicine, that the lesson is not which is better, but rather how we can use the best of both worlds to better serve our clients and patients.

I had a case of a patient who accidentally bit her tongue and bled profusely because she was on a blood thinner. Because she had lost so much blood, she was quite dizzy, on top of which she was taking blood pressure medication that decreased her blood pressure further and making her even dizzier. She was not able to take a strong painkiller (opioids) for her severe pain because her blood pressure could be even further depressed, exacerbating her dizziness. She rated her pain as 20 out of 10 - pain way off the scale, in other words. With my hands, I sensed excess heat on the side of the face corresponding to the side of the tongue which she had bitten. With my intention, I removed the excess heat, then cooled it. In the 5 minutes it took me to do that, her pain level went down to a 12 out of 10. I have never achieved pain relief in any patient that quickly using pain medicine from Western medicine. Plus, there were no side effects from the qigong. Without the use of qigong that night, my hands would have been tied and my patient would have continued her suffering from pain. I returned each subsequent day to do the same treatment, and by the 5th day, her pain level was 3 out of 10.

And this was only one case.”

Thank you.”

Chi Chau, MD

“I was very excited about working with Lisa Van Ostrand in her new program, "Three Treasure's Healing" , for Medical Qiqong. I had already known Lisa as a very accomplished Energy Healer and teacher from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Lisa has drawn upon her vast knowledge in psychology and the traditional Indian Chakra systems to venture even more deeply into the human energy field. Using ancient Chinese Medicine, her course traverses the rivers of life (Acupuncture Meridians) to bring harmony and balance to the physical body. Her teaching style is to be present and loving while bringing to life this ancient art in a very modern way. For those healers and non healers who desire to know the mysteries of the body and how to bring them to a state of health, "Three Treasures Healing", opens the portal to our health and happiness.”

Nancy Marano ( Physical Therapist, Prosthetist, Barbara Brennan Healer)

“Whatever type of work you do, knowledge and practice of Medical Qigong will greatly inspire your efforts. After many years of Internal Work and Martial Art training I am quite pleased with the Medical Qigong Curriculum and especially in the personal way presented by Lisa Van Ostrand. Lisa is a no nonsense instructor regarding standards; yet soft enough to allow each person to achieve satisfaction. This is the training I've been looking for and it has enabled me to be a better Health Care, Mind/Body worker. I will continue on this path of the Tao and enliven other aspects of my life through this work. Thanks Lisa and Thank You Internatiional Institute of Medical Qigong.”

George Masone, LMT

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