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by Lisa VanOstrand


The four major types of treatment in Western Medicine for cancer are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and biologic therapies. Hormone therapies such as tamoxifen are also available.

Medical Qigong therapy is a form of Chinese Energetic Medicine, and is one of the four foundational schools of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Medical Qigong predates acupuncture by thousands of years. Like Chinese Medicine, Medical Qigong views all diseases as a manifestation of an underlying imbalance. The Medical Qigong therapist uses energetic healing protocols on the client to purge toxic emotions from the body's tissues, eliminate energetic stagnation, as well as strengthen and balance the internal organs. The client may also be given exercise prescriptions, which combine physical movements, breath, sound, visualization, and intention to facilitate the healing in between treatments.

Using an analogy of a plant, the tumor can be considered the flower or actual manifestation of the disease and the root of the plant as the actual root cause or support which feeds and nourishes the flower. Pulling out a weed without the attached roots of the weed, means that the weed will inevitably reappear sometime in the future. Thus, the flower as well as the root cause of the illness must be found and treated, otherwise the imbalance cannot be eradicated and worse yet, the disease or imbalance can be aggravated. Medical Qigong healing protocols and exercises work to get at the root of the patient's imbalance.

The flower with roots analogy is also interesting from an actual physiological perspective, since tumors coop blood vessels and begin to create a feeding system. The diagram on the following page actually captures cancer cells being injected with a phosphorous substance that being to migrate toward a blood vessel and then wrap themselves around it and begin to create their own feeding supply.

One can see that from this perspective, surgery in the absence of other considerations is merely removing the flower. It in interesting to note that ancient physicians and surgeons knew that cancer would usually come back after it was removed by surgery. The Roman physician Celsus wrote, "After excision, even when a scar has formed, nonetheless the disease has returned." Even though Western Medicine may not view tumors and cysts as having roots that need to be eradicated, Western Medicine certainly acknowledges that even cancer treated via the four options, does statistically speaking have a significant percentage of reoccurrence and/or metastasizing years later. All Medical Qigong treatments are designed to determine the root cause of the illness.

Tumor Cells Creating Their Own Blood Supply 11

Top left: Implanted cancer cells glow with green fluorescence protein. Top right: Three of the original cancer cells have survived to begin replicating. Signals between the existing blood vessel and the growing cancer cells cause the cells to grow toward the vessel.
Bottom left: The cancer cells have reached the existing blood vessel. Bottom right: When they number only 100-300, the cancer cells have created new, fully-functioning blood vessels.

The use of Sound and Color

Central to Medical Qigong therapy, is the use of sounds and color. Sounds are used to break up the tumor formation and any other stagnation or excess that the Medical Qigong practitioners finds. Color is used to tonify any deficient organs and additionally can be used to enhance and strengthen the immune system, which of course, is vital to assisting the body's ability to heal itself.

Fabian Maman is an acupuncturist and a musician well known in combining energetics and sound for healing. Below are the results, using Kirlian photography, of one of his experiments in using sound to break up cancer cells. "For the following experiment, cancer cell type Hela was photographed under magnification. Fabian played the Ionian scale on the xylophone note by note: C-D-E-F-G-A-B and then C and D of the next octave. He took one photograph per minute, looking at the same Hela cells. Fourteen minutes was enough time to explode the cell when he used these nine different frequencies.

Photo 36: D 293.66. It is easy to observe the progressive "destabilization" of the cell structure all along the scale beginning here with C.

Photo 37: E 329.63. With the addition of the third frequency, the cell can no longer maintain its structure. We can see clearly the disorganization of the nucleus.

Photo 40: A440. The pressure of the sound frequencies continue to "push back" the cytoplasmic and nuclear membranes.

Photo 42: C523.25. Explosion of the nuclear membrane.

Photo 43: D 587.33 It took 14 minutes to destroy this cancer cell." 12

Fabian has this comment about healthy cells versus cancer cells, "Healthy cells seem to breathe in a way that allow them to absorb and integrate the sound without resistance. They did not appear to keep the power of the sound frequency inside of themselves like the cancer cells did. The healthy cells appeared supple and able to freely receive, absorb and return the sound energy. In contrast the cancer cells appeared inflexible and immutable in their structure." 13

The following table further illustrates the use of sound in Medical Qigong therapy. These sounds have been effectively used in medical qigong clinics throughout China. Note that each organ resonates to a specific sound that would be used to break up stagnation for that specific organ.

Liver/Gall Bladder Guo
Heart/Small Intestine. Zhang (Jong)
Spleen/Stomach. Gong/Dong
Lung/Large intestine Shang/Ni
Kidney/Bladder Yu
Brain Duo

Color on the other hand, is used to fill in space and to tonify. The Medical Qigong therapist would use both sound and color in his healing practice, sounds to break up the stagnation and then color to tonify any deficiencies. Once again, the color is organ specific.

Liver/Gall Bladder Green
Heart/Small Intestine. Red
Spleen/Stomach. Yellow
Lung/Large intestine White
Kidney/Bladder Dark blue/Violet
Brain Dark blue/Violet

One of the main tools or techniques of the Medical Qigong therapist is to create energy balls infused with either sound or light. The balls of light and/or sound are infused with a specific healing task and then projected onto the patient to perform accordingly. Fabian Maman, performed the following experiments which is energetically similar to the Medical Qigong therapist' creation and tasking of energy balls. The experiment was performed with cotton balls. "Cotton balls were photographed as "Jacques," a healer, first magnetized them while sending energy from his hands to them and added a prayer to the energy. For the second set of photographs sound was added as he said his prayer." 14 In this example, the prayer acts in accordance with the same principle as color or light.

Cotton Before Prayer Cotton With Prayer
Cotton Before Prayer and Sound Cotton With Prayer and Sound

The role of Intention and Visualization in Treating Cancer and Strengthening the Immune System

An important tenet that Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, a Medical Qigong expert, stresses is the concept of "Imagination leading the mind and the mind leading the Qi."; the Medical Qigong therapist as well as the client needs to have a thorough understanding of this concept when performing their exercises. The uses for visualization and intention are limited only by the Medical Qigong therapist' own imagination. Following are several techniques, which I have used for both purging cancer as well as strengthening organ functions.

It is imperative that the Medical Qigong practitioner as well as the client have a good mental and visual understanding of what a diseased tissue looks like and what a healthy tissue looks like. The more they are able to hold this clearly in their mind, the greater the possibility for releasing toxic stagnation and thus ultimately promoting healing. Below is an example of a diseased cancerous lung. A typical way the intention and visualization might be used would be the practitioner in their treatment and later the client in their exercises would imagine the dark qi, which can be identified so readily in the photograph, as being released from the lung and then purged down the arm (lung) channel. With each successive purge, holding in their mind the dark and toxic qi being cleansed from the lung tissues and then finally visualizing the lung tissue returning to it's healthier state, also pictured below. 15

Another important example for intention and visualization, would be using the concept presented earlier where the cancer forms new blood vessels and creates it's own feeding system. The Medical Qigong practitioner can use his intention and visualization to imagine cauterizing the tumors from the blood vessels and thus cutting off it's feeding supply. Without a feeding system of nutrition and proper oxygen supply, the new tumor cells will not be able to multiply and/or spread.

Finally, intention and visualization can be used to strengthen the immune system. A healthy immune system is paramount in destroying cancer cells. Following is a scanning electron microscope photograph of a cancer cell being destroyed by cancer-killing Natural Killer T-Cells of our immune system. "If you can get your immune system strong enough to attack the cancer, you can see what happens to the cancer cell. Notice how the cell is completely flattened and totally destroyed. Your immune system has completed its mission towards this one cancer cell. Without a strong immune system, this cancer cell could have become a full-grown cancer. During the killing process, granules in the Natural Killer T-Cell fuse with the cell membrane and release units of the protein perforin. These combine to form pores in the cancer cell's membrane. Thereafter fluid and salts enter the cancer cell so that it eventually bursts. Our immune system is important in fighting and preventing cancer cells from growing in our body. It's known that the average person has at least one cancer cell growing in their body each day. It's our immune system that prevents those cancer cells from flourishing into full-grown cancers." 16


A war between the cancer cell (pink) and lymphocytes (yellow) 17

Working and Releasing the Emotions

According to Chinese Medicine, unresolved emotional factors play an important causal role in the potential for developing disease. Unlike, acupuncture and herbal therapies, Medical Qigong treatment may include giving the client exercises to do in the session as well as at home to help them access frozen and unresolved issues that are stored in their bodily tissues. Working with and releasing unresolved emotions are considered critical to the success of the treatment. The following Medical Qigong Exercises are taught by Professor Jerry Johnson, having studied for more than thirty-one years, he is recognized both in China and the West as America's leading authority on Medical Qigong Therapy. Professor Johnson is licensed as a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (D.T.C.M.) in Beijing, China, and has served with national and international committees to promote and encourage the practice of Medical Qigong. The following treatment exercises were used in the case studies that are presented later in the paper.

Old Man Searching for Reflection in the Tide Pool

Objective: Emotional detoxing prescription, when the client may not be aware of unresolved emotions.

  1. Begin with standing posture; both feet are facing forward, shoulder width apart.
  2. Inhale, and imagine divine healing light filling the Lungs. While inhaling, separate and stretch both arms to the sides of the body, forming the shape of a "T".
  3. Lean over and begin to exhale, making the "Shhh" sound. While exhaling imagine Toxic Qi from the Lungs flowing down both arms and pouring into the ground. Both arms should swing from one side to the other, crisscrossing while making the purging sound. This action dilates the channels and allows toxins to pour into the earth.
  4. Return to an upright position, while inhaling and imaging divine healing light filling the chest (especially heart, liver, and spleen areas). When inhaling, look upward and raise hands over the head.
  5. When exhaling, both hands should descend to shoulder level, making soft fists (as if embracing 2 sparrows). Focus the mind's intention on the center of the chest and imagine the toxic qi releasing from the heart while making the "Haa" sound. Exhale only half of the breath. Make sure the sound vibrates the heart from front to back.
  6. Next, exhale the second half of the breath while imagining toxic qi releasing from the liver to the spleen and making the "Whooo" sound. While exhaling, move both hands down to the hips while keeping the fists soft.
  7. Repeat the last 3 steps 3X.

This set equals one set. Practice 36 sets to complete the exercise. Should take about 25 minutes. Use egg timer, as you don't want client to count as this can be distracting. The purpose of exercise is to feel. If you don't feel, it won't be as effective. You can only heal what you can feel. Use your imagination and visualization.

Dry Crying

Objective: Emotional detoxing prescription for lungs and grief

  1. Open mouth, close anal sphincter, and take a wide stance. The thumb and forefinger are touching, roll shoulders back, leaning back. Imagine a tube between your mouth and perineum, breathe down to the perineum with mouth remaining open. Allow your breath to tremor and vibrate down the imaginary tube. Imagine the qi of the lungs pouring down the arms and into the Earth. Continue this for 15 minutes.
  2. After 15 minutes, ground out into the Earth by bending over and placing both hands on the ground.
  3. Client is recommended to journal afterward. Holding question of "what is the youngest I remember feeling this way"?

Modifications for back or general weakness: Use hands to support the back, or can use a chair or large physio-ball

Beating the Bag

Objective: Emotional detoxing prescription for liver and anger

  1. Client will begin by sighing a HA sound for a few times.
  2. Take a wide stance. Using a wooden dowel (stick) and a pillow on a chair or bed (make sure pillow is a spare pillow not a sleeping pillow) Begin to beat the pillow with the wooden dowel shouting NO NO NO. Allow this to transition into another statement if this happens organically. Continue this for 15 minutes.
  3. Client is recommended to journal afterward. Holding question of "what is the youngest I remember feeling this way"?


The following Medical Qigong Treatments as taught by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson, were used in the case studies that are presented in the following section.

General Beginning Protocol for All Cysts, Tumors and Cancer

Objective: Gives the Medical Qigong Therapist an overall energetic feeling of the organs and their excesses and deficiency. Is performed before the actual cancer protocol treatments

Protocol for General healings

  1. Invocation
  2. Purge
  3. Go to foot of table for diagnosis
  4. Energize Upper Tantien Go to head of table to 3rd eye. Energize upper tan tien with hands on both sides.
  5. Energize Taiji Pole through Baihui area Energize the taiji pole. One hand is on the bai hoi and the other hand is straight
  6. Purge lungs with lung protocol:
    • Go to right side; clean the surface of the opposite (left) lung.
    • Then go to left side, and do bellows palm, melt into the tissues and go deep
    • Bellows pumping. Suck and pulse, drain the lung of pathogens.
    • Take one hand and grab underneath scapula, round shoulder into table with the other hand. Keep cleaning.
    • Grab triple burner 5 and pericardium 6. Then with other hand purge down the arms to wrist. Repeat several times.
    • Lightly smooth or rake down palm of hand once.
  7. Purge heart.
    • left hand on shen dao and the right hand on heart
    • Bellows on heart; purging any emotional toxins
    • Microcosmic orbit between palms and head.
  8. Purge Yellow court,
    • rake and purge with right hand, left hand is still on shen dao
  9. Purge Liver
    • purge with right hand left hand is still on shen dao, can lead out gall bladder channel
  10. Purge/Tonify Spleen
    • purge a little, left hand is still on shen dao. Then tonify and regulate with right hand
  11. Purge/Tonify Kidneys & Lower tan tien
    • rake across Lower tan tien
    • Left hand is still on shen dao. Right hand goes to ming men. Then tonify and regulate with right hand
  12. Microcosmic orbit between all 3 tan tiens.
  13. Regulate with Microcosmic Orbit
  14. Seal 3 Energy Fields

Notes Steps 13 and 14 will not be performed if Medical Qigong Therapist is planning to follow this treatment with a cancer protocol.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment Protocol

  1. Perform General treatment Protocol
  2. Purge Liver with 'GUO' Sound
  3. Purge Uterine area with thunder palm & vibration palm
  4. Project 'YU' sound into uterine & cervix area
  5. Clean 1st & 2nd chakra gates
  6. Insert cord of light into cervix
  7. Fill lower dan tien with divine white light
  8. Regulate with Microcosmic Orbit
  9. Seal 3 Energy Fields

Breast Tumor Treatment Protocol

  1. Perform General treatment Protocol
  2. Purge breast area with thunder palm, and spiraling and circling Qi techniques. Purging any stagnant or toxic chi down the lung and stomach channels.
  3. Project 'SHANG' and 'NI' sound projections over breast tumor
  4. Drain and remove toxic heat from each finger channel
  5. Tonify Kidneys with cord of light.
  6. Regulate with Microcosmic Orbit
  7. Seal 3 Energy Fields

Brain Tumor Treatment Protocol

  1. Perform General treatment Protocol
  2. Purge heat from liver organs and gall bladder channels
  3. Create energy ball to encapsulate tumor
  4. Purge the cerebral area
  5. Pull energy in and out from ears, like a mental floss, using the "DUO" sound
  6. Use the vibrating palm with the "DUO" sound
  7. Use invisible needle technique on Shi Mian points at bottom of heels to drain tumor
  8. Clean 6th and 7th chakra gates
  9. Regulate sea of marrow
  10. Regulate with Microcosmic Orbit
  11. Seal 3 Energy Fields

Lung Cancer Treatment Protocol

  1. Perform General treatment Protocol
  2. Purge lung area with thunder palm, and spiraling and circling Qi techniques. Purging any stagnant or toxic chi down the lung channels.
  3. Project 'SHANG' and 'NI' sound projections over lung tumor
  4. Tonify Kidneys with cord of light.
  5. Regulate with Microcosmic Orbit
  6. Seal 3 Energy Fields


Cases with high risk of reoccurrence or eventual metastasis

The following set of cases show little or no apparent results, in terms of ultimate healing because the client was unable or unwilling to work within the parameters required in following an alternative treatment modality or it was the patient's time to die. The Medical qigong practitioner is advised that this will be a certain percentage of the patients he treats. The make-up of this type of client usually has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Is encouraged to come due to a family member or friend but has little belief in alternative modalities themselves
  • Had heard or read something and expects miracle results with little or no effort on their part
  • Is firmly entrenched in the Western medical model
  • Unwilling or not able to look at or make life changes that would support their healing on the emotional level. The patient may be unable to accept that unprocessed emotions are exacerbating their disease. The client may also receive secondary or unacknowledged gains, such as the support of a loved one, when they are ill; thus, unconsciously encouraging the disease to remain unchecked.
  • Unwilling or physically unable to make life changes that would support their healing on the physical level. In many cases, the age and/or physical condition of the patient may make supportive Qigong exercises difficult. Additionally, the combination of old age along with a disease such as cancer, has a highly debilitating effect on the organs as well as the immune system such that regaining health may not be possible; this is particularly true when the cancer has progressed to a severe state or has metastasized.

The following cases illustrate patients who meet one or more of the above criteria.

The case of the restaurant owner with lung cancer metastasized to the brain

An older man, in his very late 70's, came to my office at the request of his daughter-in-law to try alternative healing. He agreed to give it a try. People often come in with a I'll try it once attitude. My assessment of him based on what he shared about his life was that he lived a life filled with significant risk factors. He was emotionally closed off and he smoked and drank his whole life as well as ate rich, fatty foods. I did the Medical Qigong protocol for his brain and lungs. He was not able to feel anything. According to Dr. Jerry Johnson, you can only heal what you can feel. He was actually scheduled for brain surgery a few days later. My assessment of him was that he came into appease a family member and unless a miracle was performed I would not see him again. Due to the advanced nature of his cancer, as well as seeing/feeling his lungs, rock hard as if they were encased in cement, I suspect he will not have long to live.

The case of the lawyer with breast cancer

This client was a young lawyer in her mid 40's, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer at Stage 1. Stage 1, according to most alternative health care practitioners, would be considered to have a high probability to be healed. She was a lawyer and very mental. She was very scared and was following the Western Doctors' orders to the letter. She planned to have both breast removed and followed by rounds of chemotherapy. I did one healing on her following the medical qigong breast treatment protocol and never saw her again.

The case of the older woman with lung cancer

This client is a woman of 83, retired, who had a diagnosis only the day before of lung cancer. At this point, she does not know what stage the cancer is. She had smoked since her teens and stopped smoking 18 years ago. Her daughter was in the alternative health care field and had recommended her for consultation. She seemed interested in following the medical model, and was concerned that her age might prevent her from being a candidate for surgery. She was given Medical Qigong exercises for the lungs using sound therapy of "SHANG" and she was also given Kidney Tonification exercises. I was optimistic that despite her age that she would follow the exercises. I did one healing on her following the medical qigong lung cancer treatment protocol. To date, she has not returned.

The case of the magazine editor with pancreatic cancer

An older woman, in her mid 70's now retired, was formerly an editor of Vogue Magazine. She was very prim and proper, and totally emotionally unavailable. Her surgery was inoperable, although she was following standard chemotherapy protocol. Her son arranged me to do healing work with her every week. The healing work was able to provide her with relief and she very much enjoyed the regular healing and was able to share feelings with me that she was unable to communicate with her family. Despite her knowingness that the end could be near, she continue to have difficulty communicating with her family her fears, her love and her longings, although she was readily able to share this with me. Even though the client ultimately did die within a few months, the treatments provided relief and comfort to her.

Despite what may look like failures from the above-mentioned cases, suffering and illness as well as ultimately death are an inevitable part of life. The Medical Qigong Doctor must be able to meet people where they are at in their life circumstances, and know that the ability to do this with love and compassion is true healing.


The following set of cases show in my opinion high probability of complete healing and lower risk of reoccurrence of the cancer. One of the threads that run thru the profile of this type of patient is their ability to question the medical model and determine what their own treatment protocol should be. Often the patient does a tremendous amount of research on their own before deciding what protocol they want to follow. The treatment decision may consist of a combination of Western medicine, such as surgery and Eastern philosophies of Energy treatments and herbs. Additionally, the following patients seem to understand that cancer is asking them to re-evaluate their life style and purpose. Interestingly enough, when one looks at cancer cells as a case of cells gone mad, cells that have lost their sense of purpose and cells that are attacking other healthy cells, one can get some understanding of the type of work that needs to be done on the emotional level. The make-up of this type of client usually has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Highly vested in following the type of treatment that feels intuitively right to them, including questioning the medical model when it feels appropriate
  • Willing to completely to look at their life and make life-affirming choices including, moving, changing careers, etc.
  • Willing to look and work at suppressed emotions
  • Willing to revamp their diets, alcohol intake, etc.
  • Willing to take herbs to restore righteous chi

The case of the woman with fibroids - who was raped and told to forget about it

A woman was raped on a date and when she told her mother about the incident; the mother advised her that it was not in her best interest to report it to the police. She kept quiet about the incident and was never able to fully release her grief and rage. As my client, when I felt energetically into her pelvic area, I felt a emptiness and stagnant energy. She revealed to me that years earlier, she had developed fibroids which were surgically removed. She subsequently went to a week long intensive with a psychotherapist to work out this unresolved issue. Although she still has repressed emotions in her pelvis that she needs to deal with, I believe her ability to assess and ask for help and support will ultimately heal.

The case of the woman with breast cancer - who took healing in her own hands

A woman, in her late 30's, had a diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer. She researched cancer and determined her own treatment options. She found Western doctors to be generally unsupportive and questioning of her choices as they encouraged surgery as well as chemotherapy. She did ultimately decide to have surgery but not chemotherapy. The patient supported herself with the following alternative treatments: energy healings, acupuncture, herbs, raw food and juices and regular sessions to work on psychological issues to deal with repressed emotions from her abusive childhood and also her issues that came up as a result of being diagnosed with cancer. She is on a complete raw food and juice diet and although 100 % raw food would not be encouraged in Chinese Medicine, she takes warming herbs. She feels that the juice and raw food worked successfully to rejuvenate and revitalize her immune system. More importantly, she has found new life meaning and is looking to see the kind of work that she wants to do and feel that her cancer has given her the opportunity to look at life in a new way. She now looks at life as full of choices that are coming from her desire to create her life longings. Suffering from an abusive childhood, I believe that cancer and the decisions she has made have empowered her to know that she is no longer that frightened child but rather an empowered woman capable of taking on the medical industry with her own choices. Her liver blood tests at this time are showing normal.

The case of the doctor with a fatty cyst - interested in alternative healing

An orthopedic doctor has a fatty cyst on his right shoulder. He is completely interested in treating the cyst naturally. Using the medical qigong general protocol and also doing additional purging on the liver and gall bladder, the cyst is actually shrinking. The Doctor has made some life style changes, he has stopped smoking cigars and is opening up to exploring his emotions and levels of stress. In Chinese medicine, unexpressed anger can cause the liver chi to rising up the back; the cyst is also located on the gall bladder channel; the doctor is open to exploring the fact that he may have repressed anger that is resulting in the cyst formation.

The case of the woman with breast tumors - who took healing in her own hands

A woman, in her early 50's, has a tumor on the right breast and several lumps on the left breast. Although she has not been officially given a diagnosis of cancer, a specialist who saw her and examined the tissue and tumors, told her it was his belief she probably had stage 3 cancer. This is a very independent woman who also wanted to take healing in her own hands. Lacking a lot of financial resources, she was more than making up for them in determination to come up with her own solution. She refused a biopsy believing after doing her own research that if it were to be cancer that the biopsy would cause spreading of the cancer cells and that any further Western treatment would be purely diagnostic/prognostic and not ultimately healing. Having to resort to financial assistance for her treatment, it was interesting that she was offered a mastectomy and chemotherapy but was not offered the treatment plan that she requested. With only that alternative, she refused treatment and has devised her own treatment plan revolving around herbs, acupuncture, medical qigong treatments, meditation, mantra, gem therapy and magnetic therapy. She is also undergoing a change of life attitude and like the previous case history realizes that cancer is a disease that invites one to look at their life and the choices one is making. She believes successful healing can only result in reevaluating those life choices and living one's life to the fullest.


Both Western and Chinese medicine have valuable insights to contribute to the treatment of cancer, cysts and tumors. Western medicine excels at diagnosis, tracking and understanding the chemical and molecular components of disease as well as treating trauma such as caused by accidents. Chinese medicine excels at seeing the patient as a unique individual and looks at their disease as symptomatic of a dysfunction of the whole person. Paramount to this concept, is understanding the importance of working with any disease at the emotional level. As more and more people become disenchanted with the Western approach to disease and begin to take on more alternative and holistic practices, the treatment of disease from a Chinese and medical qigong perspective will flourish. After all, in ancient China, patients paid the doctor when they were well and not when they were ill. It is interesting to contemplate how this shift in viewpoint might affect our present day health practices in the modernized world.


Graphic illustration by Stanley Coffman, Duke University Medical Center;








Darryl See, M.D., Director, Institute of Longevity Medicine, California;


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