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More information about Clairivision and ISIS:


Central to the Clairvision work is ISIS, a technique that was developed by Samuel Sagan, M.D., during the 1980's.

ISIS is an acronym: Inner Space Interactive Sourcing, in which 'Inner Space' stands for the space of the third eye. 'Interactive' refers to the fact that the technique is practiced with a client and a facilitator (called 'connector'). And 'Sourcing' refers to the direction of the process which is to find the sources of present emotional blockages and conditioned behavior.

An essential aspect of ISIS is that it is totally focused on the present - hence the title of Samuel Sagan's book: Regression, Past Life Therapy for Here and Now Freedom. Clients are constantly reminded to use the technique for resolving present issues and improving their present life, not for building meaningless stories.

ISIS: a framework to explore consciousness

ISIS is an interactive technique practiced in pairs: a client and a facilitator. It is a process of self-exploration which closely integrates a therapeutic dimension and metaphysical dimension. As such, ISIS covers a wide range of applications, from regression and past-life therapy to meditation states aimed at mapping consciousness and connecting to high spiritual beings.

Rather than one single process, ISIS is a framework to explore consciousness at large.

What can ISIS be used for?

What happens in ISIS? What are the main experiences occurring in ISIS?

Through the regression pathway of ISIS, clients re-experience early childhood traumas and past-life episodes, thereby unveiling and neutralizing samskaras (imprints left in the psyche by emotionally-charged experiences). The samskara process leads to profound openings and realizations - not just the resolution of emotional issues but metaphysical shifts, a reorientation of the personality and the discovery of completely new life directions.

Another pathway to deal with emotions in ISIS is the charge process, a bio-energetic approach with a profound balancing effect on the client's life force. Rather than dealing with the particulars of each emotion, the charge process works at the root of emotional and sexual energy. It brings about fluidity in the emotional sphere and a freeing of sexual blockages, as well as grounding and a reinforcement of both psychological and physical stamina.

ISIS can also be used as a tool for psychological exploration, unveiling and dealing with subpersonalities (or 'characters'), reaching a state of 'clear vision' of the overall personality - a state of higher self-understanding and maturity.

The Inner Space of ISIS is achieved through an activation of the third eye, central switch of the body of energy and gateway to a whole spectrum of experiences of consciousness. To many clients, ISIS sessions are the opportunity to discover completely new aspects of themselves: vast spaces of consciousness in which they naturally connect to higher, spiritual parts of themselves. This is often accompanied by the development of a new sensitivity and of non-physical perception, especially when ISIS is done in conjunction with the rest of the Clairvision work.

Among other things, the third eye is the central switch of the body of energy. ISIS sessions are often accompanied by an awakening of the body of energy in which clients are able to perceive blockages, and at times parasitic energies or parasitic beings (entities). An important facet of ISIS is the systematic clearing of energetic blockages and of entities.

More advanced levels of ISIS deal with mapping consciousness, establishing references in various rungs of the cosmological ladder, discovering higher realms of the Spirit, connecting to high spiritual beings, putting into practice the processes of inner alchemy part of the Clairvision work.

The aims of ISIS


What are the aims of ISIS? Before anything else, freedom! Freedom from emotional reactions and conditioning. Through the thorough exploration of one's psychological makeup comes the capacity to differentiate superimposed reactions from the spontaneity of the Self. ISIS allows you to become aware of samskaras and to see in great detail:

  • their real nature, their form in the astral body
  • how they impact into the physical body through spots
  • when, how and why they were imprinted
  • what kind of interference they have created in your life
  • the part of yourself, i.e. the subpersonality or character, which permitted the whole interference to take place

As samskaras are revealed through the ISIS process, they lose a great deal of their latent dynamism. They lose much of their power to parasitise your daily reality. Inner blocks and negative conditioning are neutralized. You get rid of a number of neurotic features, which transforms your ways of relating to others. A whole facade of illusory aspects falls, and you start living closer to your Self.

Apart from this main purpose - that of moving towards psychological freedom through disempowering samskaras - other important benefits can result from this regression work.

A metaphysical experience

When you contact episodes of past lives, you become aware of the person you were in that particular life. It feels like yourself without any possible doubt and yet it is not the same you as now, for time has made you a different person. The superimposition of the two 'you', the past and the present one, reveals what is common to both - your eternal Spirit. This holographic vision of yourself has a shaking power of awakening, not unlike a near-death experience. It explains why certain people undergo a major spiritual shift after their first intense regression in ISIS.

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