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Rivers of Life
Volume 1:
A Guided Meridian Meditation

Volume 2:
Music of the Meridians

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Ocean of Life
Volume 1:
Guided Eight Extraordinary Meridian Meditation

Volume 2:
Music of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians

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I wanted to let you know that I had brain surgery last week. The tumor just got too big & problematic to do anything else. But I wanted to thank you & let you know how important your 2 CDs (oceans & rivers of energy) have been. Despite the fact that I know the energy pathways really well, these 2 CDs are playing an instrumental role for me. Not only did they help me learn the meridians in the first place over the past few years but at this moment my clarity for guiding myself through them in a focused way is severely compromised and I listen to them every day. It is important sometimes to let someone else guide you through it when necessary and these have been awesome for that. I think it's important that you are aware of how truly valuable this has been & continues to be. So thank you.

Order Both Rivers of Life Volumes Now for $20

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Order Both Ocean of Life Volumes Now for $20

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These CD's are Inspired by the work of Samuel Sagan, creator of night practice (a technique of the Clairvision school) and by Fabien Maman who has sourced the fundamental notes for each meridians.

Ocean of Life: Volume 1 A Guided Meridian Meditation

Ocean of Life: Volume 2 Music of the Meridians

This music is intended to regulate and circulate the qi through the eight extraordinary channels. This music can be used to play during meditation, healing sessions or background music throughout the day. Do not play with doing anything that requires focused attention.

Ocean of Life CD Information:

Rivers of Life: Volume 1 A Guided Meridian Meditation

This CD has far surpassed my expectations. Two years in the making; I owe a debt of gratitude to many people. My first experience on doing the CD (as a laying down practice) was to see a brilliant green light in my liver. The second time, I experienced seeing a flame in my heart. Although not every time have I had such amazing and dramatic experiences, I can almost guarantee that if you practice this every day you will feel your energy more invigorated and the channels flowing more tangibly. I believe that you will easily notice results. If you don't already know the meridians, I believe after reviewing the accompanying drawings and doing the meditation several times you will be perfectly adept. And remember even if you don't know the meridians your energy does!!!! My hope is that these CD's can be the beginning of many audio and video products to assist people in creating healthy and harmonious energy.

Ancient Daoist Theories taught the importance of circulating our energy for self-cultivation as well as for health, healing and longevity. Although many people are familiar with the chakra system, fewer people are familiar with the acupuncture meridian system to the extent that they can actually identify the energetic pathways. In Chinese Medicine, it is well known that disease can only be present when there is a disharmony in the meridian energy flow.

There are 12 primary meridians: lung, large intestine, stomach, spleen, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidney, pericardium, triple burner, gall bladder and liver. Although each meridian has its own pathway, they connect to each other and it is important to think of the meridians as one continuous flow of energy. The sequence, starting with the lungs and ending with the liver represents a continuum of life experiences as well as evolution. We start the flow with the lungs. The lungs represent the first level of survival, being responsible both for our respiration as well as defending us from external pathogens. The liver represents the last stage in self-acceptance. The liver is responsible for the smooth flow of energy. From an enlightened standpoint, it is only us and our non acceptance of a situation that makes things not smooth. (NOTE: see side link for meridian diagrams and explanations)

Jeffery Yuen, an 88th generation Daoist priest and Dean of Academic Affairs for the Acupuncture Program at the Swedish Institute, views the meridians as roadmaps of our energy. They are a reflection of the way we are living our life. We might like to inhabit certain meridians more than others. Meridians connect us with different aspects of ourselves and our relationship with the world. Excesses may represent what we are drawn to and deficiencies might be things we want to avoid.

We can learn to assess the state of the meridians by first starting to massage them in the direction of their normal flow. Dr. Stephen Thomas Chang, in "The Complete Book of Acupuncture", states that massaging the meridians is absolutely invaluable in augmenting the energy within the body, providing for a constant and unimpeded flow of energy along the meridians, and will eventually rejuvenate not only an aging body but a fatigued mind as well. This technique will also help develop your intuitive perceptions of your energy. A great quote by my Medical Qigong teacher, Jerry Alan Johnson, is that "you can only heal what you can feel."

Once you feel comfortable at the physical level, you may want to move to a meridian meditation and energetically trace the meridians with your mind and intention, this can be done either sitting or laying down. There are many benefits to doing the practice as a laying down practice.

According to Dr Chang, the philosopher Lao-Tzu purported lived anywhere from 160 to 500 years and faithfully practiced, and strongly advocated the practice of meridian meditation to his disciples.

Rivers of Life: Volume 2 Music of the Meridians

This music is intended to regulate and circulate the qi through the Ren and the Du and the 12 primary meridians. This music can be used to play during meditation, healing sessions or background music throughout the day.

River of Life CD Information:

Coming in the Future:

Rivers of Life: Volume 3 Advanced Guided Meridian Meditation

Meridian Channeled Music from Robert DeGaetano

Concert Pianist and Composer, Robert DeGaetano has agreed to compose and perform the music that he hears from the vibration of the Primary Meridians. A graduate of the Juilliard School, Robert has toured the world extensively as a pianist performing the standard repertoire as well as his own compositions.

Robert believes that all music comes to him through channeling. His relationship to vibration enables him to hear, through meditation, predominant tones of any object. Since all molecular patterns result in physical manifestation, he is then able to translate these patterns and write their musical equivalent which result in compositions.

Throughout the ages, composers have worked with "music of the spheres", or "musica humana", similar approaches to understanding relationships of vibration. Robert prefers to use acoustical instruments because of their ability to resonate. These sounds are much more effective in transforming and organizing human organs that have shifted from their natural design. For more information on Robert Degaetano visit

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