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I have always been interested in the concept of duality. It is my belief that in order to reach a unified state, we must first be willing to fully embrace life as is, with all of it's aspects: the light and dark; pain and pleasure; suffering and ecstasy. I have designed all the details of the following artwork and it was a privilege to work with Kerry Gibbs who took my designs and created paintings from them and Manorama D'Alvia who transcribed the Sanskrit.

  1. The Trinity: The trinity is an important aspect in most world religions. This art reflects the undifferentiated light which then becomes manifest as both earth and man. It also reflects that no thing stands alone and that every thing occurs in relationship to something else. The heavens have a relationship to man and the earth. Similarly, man has a relationship to the heavens and earth. The more one can understand this inherent relationship, the more connection is possible. The Sanskrit line "All Indeed is Brahmin" links the circles.

  2. The Boddhisattwa pouring radiant light and energy to the earth: The yin and yang symbol within the earth represents the dualistic nature of the earth plane. The Boddhisattwa(s) represents the continual pouring of spiritual light to the earth plane. The Sanskrit line "May All Beings on this Earth be Happy and Free" encircles the earth.

  3. The starving child imposed on Shri Yantra: The duality of the earth plane is represented by the fact that there is intense suffering in the world and yet in the background of all of this there is infinite perfection, wisdom and goodness. The corners of the mandala hold the Sanskrit poem
    "May the rains pour fourth at the right time
    May the earth be endowed with enough crops
    May the country be free from any disturbance, misery or obstacle
    And May the wise be free from free"

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