This article appeared in NEW LIFE  MAY-JUNE 2008 Issue and is by By Robert H. Sorge, N.D., Ph.D.  I wanted to include this on my blog as I often think chemotherapy is not the best option for clients with strong immune system and cancer that has not metastasized.  What is required is a complete life style change.  As Jeffrey Yuen, has repeatedly said “the consciousness that created the illness, is not the consciousness that can cure it”.  The people that I have known that have cured cancer have completely devoted their life to curing it, 24-7.  Regardless of the clients choice on chemotherapy, I support all clients in making the decisions that they and their family feel most comfortable with.

Most men and women reading this article have a good command of the English (American) language.  Even people whose own American language is their second language communicate quite well most of the time. For the most part we understand each other.  For example, if I were to ask you a simple question, such as, “What are my chances of seeing you tomorrow at twelve noon?”  Most of us, both native and foreign-born people, could understand and communicate a reasonable response to the question.

With orthodox drug medical doctors we have a completely different set of circumstances.  You may have noticed few of them speak the American language.  They have a gobblygoop language all of their own that is impossible for middle class America to clearly understand.  Worst of all it may even be designed so we don’t understand

For example:  Prior to agreeing to begin the most toxic, dangerous, life sapping, medical treatment known to mankind, known as chemotherapy, most intelligent people usually ask, “Doctor, if I start on chemotherapy what are my chances?”

This is certainly a reasonable question communicated in the American language.  Under the circumstances the question deserves a clear, cogent, unambivalent answer in the language that we speak.It is my opinion that one of the rudest things a person can do when they understand the American language is to speak to you in a foreign tongue.

This is exactly what the orthodox drug medicine profession has gotten away with for 100 years.  It is dangerous to life’s decisions and even life itself.  It’s time we the people put an end to it.

When a cancer patient asks, “What are my chances, doctor?”, they are asking, “Am I going to beat this?  Am I going to live?  Am I going to be O.K.?”

You will soon see that the doctor’s answer to this question is in a totally different language.  Millions of our parents, friends and loved ones have died excruciating deaths in pain and misery with zero quality of life during the last months of their lives as a result of what I believe is a sin. I know this world is not politically correct but God’s word is clear:  “Thou shall not witness falsely against (to) your neighbor.” (Deuteronomy 5:20)

In short:  Thou shall not lie or deceive.

When discussing the success of chemotherapy the patient wants to know about their survival.  When the doctor says our success rates have been 95%, he/she is not talking about the same thing you are talking about.  He/She is talking about response rates.  It is imperative that you are clear in this absolute fact.  Response rates have nothing to do with survival rates.  They are not the same.  You are talking in one language and the doctor is talking in another.

Exactly what do you mean by, “response rate?”  The response rate is a measurement of how much a tumor or tumor metastasis decreased in size or how much a tumor maker declined. Is there any relationship between the decreased size of a tumor (tumor marker) and survival?  This is the question that tens of millions of our dead relatives, parents, friends and loved ones should have asked.  You may be surprised and even shocked at the facts.What Do Response Rates Mean To The Cancer Patient?

As shocking as it may seem they mean absolutely nothing!  There is no scientific connection between response rates and survival rates.  This fact was reported in the Medical Journal Cancer, January 1979 issue  43(1):41-5.

It is a scientific fact that tumor responses with chemotherapy for solid cancers often have no relationship whatsoever to an increase in survival.  Tumor response rates have been devious, disingenuous, worthless measurements from the get go for cancer patients.  It is simply a mindless way of keeping score.  In short: meaningless to the real world.

As sad as it may seem, doctors are basing their communication to their patients on an unscientific deceptive and useless measurement.  Chemotherapy success is based on reducing the tumor 50% or more for six weeks or more.  That justifies chemo-ing (poisoning) a person, even though in most cases the tumor marker increases again, sometimes even larger than before.

A History Lesson on Response Rates On March 11, 1951, Sydney Farber, M.D., professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School developed a series of charts based on 238 patients treated from November 1847 to March 1951.  He reported in the Medical Journal, “Hematology” in January 1952, that the response rate with children with Leukemia was at the time an impressive 54.6%.  The problem was that only 19 survived.  There was no connection between response rates and survival rates.

We have known this for over 60 years.  Still the games go on. E. Clarence Rice, M.D., Director of Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. questioned why the autopsies of treated children revealed liver damage.  It seems that few doctors in the last 50 years have had the courage to ask, “Exactly what does this chemotherapy do?”  “Does it make sense to take a sick, debilitated person and saturate them with one of the most toxic substances known to medicine and expect them to get better?”  Few have the guts to ask, “What are the alternatives?”

If doctors read there own journals they may be surprised to learn that, “watchful waiting” (the medical term for doing nothing) is almost as effective as chemotherapy when we use survival time rather than response rates as a criteria.  What about quality of life?  Shouldn’t that be taken into consideration?

What the drug establishment gets away with never ceases to amaze me.  They have conditioned us into believing that we’ve made great progress medically in the war on cancer.  Most people believe this but what are the facts?  What is the plain truth?

At the turn of the last century in 1900, less than 1% of the population got cancer.  As more toxic drugs and junk foods were added to our lives, cancer slowly increased to 20% of our population.  In 1971, President Nixon declared war on cancer.  Since then two trillion dollars has been blown down a rat hole on toxic drug treatments and worthless drug research.  What has been the result?  Cancer rates have skyrocketed to 42% of our nation.  The more toxic our drugs, foods and environment the more we drop like flies from cancer.  It is estimated that our cancer rate will exceed 50% in the next decade.  Does this sound like medical progress to you?

Gambia is a third world country.  I was there.  There are few doctors, antibiotics, hospitals, zero birth control drugs, no junk foods or fast foods, no Primpro or Provera.  What do you think the breast cancer rates are? Would you believe only one woman in 500,000 gets breast cancer?

Compare that to our doctor glutted, drug and junk food saturated country where one woman in eight gets breast cancer and it will soon be one in six.  Is this medical progress?  Is this wining the war on cancer or is this a medical disaster and abject defeat?

here are many secondary causes of cancer, including environmental pollutants, heavy metals toxicity, autointoxication, excess body fat, trauma, over eating, nutritional deficiency, stress, anxiety, etc. but only one primary cause of all cancer.  That is Hypoxia.  What is hypoxia?  It is a deficiency of oxygen especially at the cellular level.

We’ve known this since 1910 when D. Otto Warburg’s work was reported in a European Medical Journal.  Dr. Warburg was one of the most outstanding scientists of the 20th century.  He won the Nobel Prize for Science and Medicine in 1931 for his discovery of the cause of cancer.  He won the Nobel Prize again in 1950. His name is not mentioned in a single medical textbook because he disagreed with chemotherapy.  When the press asked him in 1931, “if we should continue with cancer research”, his answer was, “What for?  I’ve spent 40 years of my life proving the cause of cancer.  Further research would not only be unnecessary and counterproductive it would tend to cloud and confuse the issue of cause and effect.”  This is exactly what the Pharmaceutical/Medical establishment did not want to hear
In the last 100 years, Dr. Warburg’s thesis has never been refuted but two billion dollars in scientific, unproven, toxic, deadly, mindless treatments and research has been blown down an unaccountable rat hole.

If there is one thing every doctor in America should be recommending to every patient for the prevention and treatment of cancer it is to change one’s lifestyle and diet.  They should be told to saturate the body with natural food supplements and to infuse ozone into the body. What is ozone?  It is a super oxygen.  What does that have to do with cancer?  Cancer cells cannot live in an oxygen rich environment. (MY ADDED NOTE:  although I’m not sure about the natural food supplements, certainly oxygenization occurs by vigourously doing Qigong!!!)

Ten Action Steps

  1. Clearly understand there is no connection between tumor response and survival rates.
  2. Until we deal with the cause of cancer there will be no real cure for cancer.  Two trillion dollars in worthless cancer treatments and research has established that fact.
  3. Chemotherapy is basically a poisoning therapy.  It has never been proven to cure cancer scientifically.
  4. It is possible to have a tumor response rate from chemotherapy and still die, as is the case most of the time.
  5. Watchful waiting (doing nothing) has proven itself to be almost as effective as chemotherapy.  (I don’t recommend doing nothing.)
  6. The best treatment for cancer is prevention.  This means an aggressive, high level, wellness program.
  7. To prevent cancer it is imperative that you change your lifestyle.
  8. Cancer prevention starts by having your alternative medical doctor (not your orthodox drug doctor) evaluate you nutritionally, metabolically and hormonally.  This must include cellular oxygen levels, toxicity levels and fitness levels.
  9. Oxidative therapy, detoxification and nutritional saturation should be automatic.
  10. Pray daily.  Our nation is in bad shape.  We all need God’s help.

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